Monday, September 1, 2008

Missionary Monday

I think im going to start writing the family a letter once a week because my emails are pretty short and i dont know how much of my day to day you guys are actually going to understand so i want to be able to write letters to better communicate that stuff. And i think im going to buy christmas gifts maybe monday. Stuff here is really really cheap. But what i have in mind i think you guys would enjoy, just a little piece of Africa. The reason im going to buy now is because it takes about 3 months to ship things by boat, which is like one third or even one fifth of the price by airplane. Since the currency here is 8 Rand to one Dollar it would only be like 60 bucks but probably not that much.
Other than those things life is good! Im figuring out all the extra stuff aside from teaching that we have to do. Especially since when my trainer goes home in 3 weeks this will be MY area. Ill have a senior companion who will actually be responsible for the work but he wont know the area, i will. Anyways ...
I love you and miss you. Elder Mendenhall

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