Monday, October 6, 2008

Missionary Monday

i got to see everything (Conference) except sunday night because it would have ended at midnight here. I liked elder Richard G Scott's talk, it might have been during priesthood, about respecting women and how God didnt create them as second class citizens. Its something that i need to teach the Zulus here. They are really really bad about how they treat women. I appreciate very much that you pray for me. And believe me i miss and love you guys just as much. I also pray for the family every night. If you would we could really use some extra prayers to help the people in my area use the opportunities they have in their hardships to strengthen their faith. It is really lacking here. You dont have to but you could if you wanted. Its what i've been focusing on lately is the members since as missionaries we're pretty much the backbone of the church here. Elder Mendenhall

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