Monday, October 20, 2008

Missionary Monday

Everything is going very well. We had one of the former APs [Assistant to the President?] with us this week. Since he's going home in a few weeks President Mann is having him go around and check up on some of the new missionaries. If you've been looking at his blog then i'm sure you know that about half of the mission is either a missionary of less than 4 and a half months or the one training that missionary. And since my trainer was very focused on teaching me how to be a missionary i was a prime candidate for a little extra watching. We had an awesome week though. We had 13 new investigators and 8 investigators came to church. We also had 53 people at church which, except for branch conference when we had 4 people visit from America and 3 or 4 from the district presidency, is the record for this branch. Missionaries always return somewhere where they can have fun and the people are warm. We always go back to the Qwabe home because they love to have us over and i love that family. Plus with me on a mission now you guys probably understand or are a bit more sympathetic to them. I dont know but as long as you guys enjoy having them its all good i guess. I love you.
Elder Mendenhall


Henry Family said...

Hi Jennifer - I truly enjoy the letters! Can't wait until Tyler can start sharing also! 1 more month to go! I will share with you too! Thanks! Maurine Henry

zealandrocks said...

AWW i miss andrew! i'm sure you do too! How exciting to have yet another friend out on a mission!!!


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