Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hillbilly Helicopter

More pictures coming later, but I promised to post this right away.

My two youngest sisters and my 3 Anderson cousins invented this when they were little as a way to get all 5 of them on the swing at the same time. While we were reminiscing my kids heard the story and of course had to try it. I laughed soo hard!

Jeanette explains in her own words here.


Keri said...

This video is of Kelly and Keri our first time on it. As you will see we are not so good at balance. We are sitting on a ladder that we have shoved through the handles of the tire swing.

Kelly said...

That's not even how it came about.....Jeanette asked us if we were going to do the helicopter and we didn't know what that was so she had to show us.

Dr. John Owen said...

Love the post Jen. What a great place!!!


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