Monday, November 3, 2008

Missionary Monday

This was his response to my question about what he would like to see in his Christmas box.

Another memory card would be nice but not necessary. But it would be easier to send pictures home that way. Im making a cd of what i have because i've basically filled up the memory card. As far as christmas is concerned i guess i would just like something to play baseball with. I bought a football not too long ago. But a mush ball and a bat would be cool ... or two gloves and a ball. Something along those lines. Also i dont know if its possible but i would really like to get a dvd of me playing football. I know we have a vhs of me playing and if that could be made ino a dvd i would be able to show people here what football is. That would be really cool. Otherwise any music or books would be nice. Religious and missionary stuff to help pass the down time at the boarding. How is the family doing?
I hope all is well. I love you Mom

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