Monday, December 22, 2008

Missionary Monday

My new companion is Elder Crowther from Richmond, Virginia. We are very much the same in humor, mannerisms, and thoughts so its either going to be a very successful companionship or a very wild one. I am in a new area ... i thought i told you last week but in any case the name is Mpumalanga .. if you look on a map you should probably look for Hammarsdale because there is a province of S. Africa called Mpumalanga but its not in the mission boundaries. Mpumalanga (my area) is a township not unlike Nseleni .. except it is much much bigger and farther away from a metro area. So i guess you could say that its rural except that there are so many houses in one place.

it will actually be better for you to call at 8am (AZ time) on christmas day so that the other elders here can squeeze in their families as well ... it will work out nicely cuz my comp is from Virginia and the other American elder is from California so the time zones are all different ... im so glad im not from Utah!
I love you Mom!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Mendenhall

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The Story of Life said...

Have fun talking to your missionary in a couple of days. That is exciting and so much fun!!!!


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