Friday, December 5, 2008

Story "The Greatest Gift"

It was a few days before Christmas in the year 1966 and two Mormon Missionaries were filled with discouragement as they searched all day for someone in which they could share the gospel message with. As they retraced their steps to return to their apartment, they passed through a very poor section of town. They crossed the riverbank and felt moved to stop and knock at a very meager looking shack. A small child answered the door. Her mother, a very thin and tired woman invited them in. They were made welcome and introduced to each of the eight chidren. The young men were deeply moved by the extreme poverty of this little family. They could see that they were going without even the necessities of life. The mother told them how her husband had gone up North to find work but it took as much as he made to pay for his board and room. He had sent her all that he had which was fifty cents. She had purchased two boxes of jello for the children as that was their favorite. The next morning as soon as the store opened, the young men hurried to the dime store and purchased as many crayons, cars, trucks, and inexpensive toys as they could afford. They wrapped them and took them to the shanty on the riverbank. When they opened the door, they explained they had seen Santa and he had been in such a hurry he'd asked if they would deliver his gifts to the children for him. With cries of delight the children scrambled for the toys. The mother's eyes filled with tears and gratitude. She stepped forward to clasp tightly the young mens's hands in hers. With tears in her eyes, she smiled and said, "no one has ever been so kind? You have given us a special gift; the kind of love that lights Christmas in the Heart. May we also give you a special gift." From the corner of the little room, she drew out the two small boxes of jello and handed it to the young men. Then all eyes were moist with tears. All knew the true meaning of giving and none would ever forget that at this Christmas, the Greatest Gift of all was given.

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