Monday, January 5, 2009

Missionary Monday

From Andrew:

I would like your potato soup recipe if you could send it to me ... i've been kinda craving it lately. ALSO i set up a new email because this one doesn't work so hot ... and this new one will allow me to send pictures ... i think its I love you Mom Elder Mendenhall

From Elder Crowther - to his parents - to me:

...on new years day…elder Mendenhall and I totaled the avanza. We were driving home from the area and I was feeling really light headed and was starting to black out, so I pulled over and let M take the wheel. He also is licensed so was allowed to drive. Also, it was just finishing up raining so the road was wet. We made it around two curves until we approached a sharp curve. I said "sharp curve" to remind homeslice to slow down, the breaks didn't do anything as we skid around the corner, then overcorrected into the mountain side and into a drainage ditch. Ill see if I can attatch a picture or 2, ill send it through Gmail just in case as well. All I have to say is 2 weeks earlier a car did the same thing but instead of going into the ditch went off the mountain in the other direction which is a 15 meter drop onto railroad tracks. We're ok, alive, just a few bumps. Im once again designated driver for a little opel corsa, which we have to jam 6 elders into everyday.
Did you notice how there was nothing in Andrew's email to me about the van? hmm - I'm remembering the high school parking lot incident. Remember that Kelly?


TheNobles said...

That's awesome. Just a minor dent. Great stories for future family gatherings.

zealandrocks said...

lol that funny that he didn't say anything... but he still has nothing on me... i flipped and rolled twice... mine still wins! =]


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