Sunday, January 11, 2009

Youth Olympics (YO) Events 2-4

#2 The bike race was yesterday. Check out that homemade tandem! My girls didn't participate in this event, but they had a lot of fun watching.

#3 The chess tournament was also yesterday. The official results are not announced until banquet night, but I just want to say that all three of my girls did REALLY well in chess.

#4 The public speaking event is tonight. I seriously don't know how they get anyone to participate in this event. I never would, but every year the turnout is phenominal. (I have no idea how to spell that.) Keri and Kelly both entered.

Photo credits go to Heather. Thanks for sharing!

1 comment:

zealandrocks said...

it makes me sooo very happy the girls get to experience this!!! i'm still a little bitter I never got too but at least they do! I'll just be happy for them! I still want a shirt though =]


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