Monday, February 9, 2009

Missionary Monday

I did get two boxes and the second one did have the cd so everything is fine. The cake and soup were both AWESOME!!! I will try to make them again with stuff from here.

Whitewashed means that both missionaries in an area leave and two new ones move in. Its more difficult than normal because usually one elder stays to teach the next one the area and people so that there is always at least one elder who knows the area. But me and Elder Feliciano moved into the new area and i only had a few hours in my new area before he got here so its a whitewash ... im not sure where the term comes from though. This week was interesting because of that. Basically the work was a little more frustrating and slow than normal because we have to assess the area first and see where our focus will be. But i think we've figured all of that out so the next few weeks should be fine.

Yeah ill try to take pictures this week for you guys. The problem is that since im walking im more worried about the possibility of being mugged so i havent been carrying the camera lately but i can take it with a few days this week and get some pics.

Wow ... im so relieved that you got to keep your job! I've been stressing over the possibility since i left i think ... i figured cutbacks would be coming and i guess i just thought that your department would be expendable to some degree. But i guess all the prayers and your work ethic paid off! I need to be sure to pray tonight!
I love you Mom!
Elder Mendenhall

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