Monday, June 8, 2009

Missionary Monday

It was transfer week. Im still with Elder Tandberg which i was pretty sure i would be since he goes home in one more transfer. But in about 5 weeks or so it will be my year mark! SWEET! So after the dentist how much longer until Nathan can send in his papers? It is weird to think of the twins going to YSA ... are they even old enough to do that? Can you look and see if there is a rugby league in Arizona? I want to see if i can play when i get home. I have the names in Zulu but i think im going to make a tape so that you can hear how to pronounce them all. Im still working on a few of them. The thing about Zulu is that it is different depending on where you come from and how proper your speech is, also if you use old Zulu or new Zulu. So im double checking everything. So far Nathan and Heather have the most real Zulu names, ones that i've actually heard before. But the rest are just less common.
I love you Mom.
Elder Mendenhall

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