Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We put Andrew on an airplane to South Africa one year ago today! That means he's half done. Man, that went fast. Today he's in his 3rd area (1st - Nseleni, 2nd - Mpumalanga) now, Amanzimtoti. Living in an apartment near the Indian Ocean. He's a district leader. He's with his 7th companion Elder Schmitz who is from Montana. Other companions were Elder Warner (his trainer), Elder Sprague from Nevada, Elder Eddy, Elder Crowther from Virginia, Elder Feliciano from Mozambique and Elder Tandberg from Colorado. It's an English speaking mission but he has picked up a few Zulu words and loves playing soccer with the local kids.

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Connie said...


So glad you stopped by Elder Langston's blog! Isn't it a blessing to have children on a mission? Even though I'm excited to have Jordan come home, I will miss the missionary experience of both him and my daughter! It looks like your son is doing well and you will have another son out soon!
Hope you have a fantastic day. You can stop by any time you want.


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