Monday, August 3, 2009

Missionary Monday

Well ... this area is different from my other areas. We are working on trying to find investigators through our members. It wont yield as many people to teach but the quality of those that we will be able to teach through this method will be much much better. So we've been trying to teach people how to speak about the Gospel to their friends, how to present themselves and stuff like that ... its like being a MTC instructor all the time. Only we dont always get to work with willing pupils. But this is something that im good at so i dont mind doing it. But recently we've been doing a lot of non proselyting work, visiting people n hospitals, stuff like that. The hardest thing about this area is trying to combine all the cultures. We've got English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Indian, even a bit of Xhosa (another tribe). And Apartheid only ended here a decade or so ago. So its been pretty challenging to coordinate everything. But again its something that i have the abilities to take care of. But its not easy. Plus i contracted some kind of oral virus recently so i have trouble eating becasue i have multiple sores in my mouth. But i have the treatment for it so it should be done soon. But its uncomfortable.
I love you Mom. i wish i could be there for you now, but know that i do love you.
Elder Mendenhall


Heidi said...

Sounds like he is a great missionary and loving it!

Connie said...

Don't you love Missionary Mondays! I'm going to miss them when my kids get home! It looks like you'll have a continuation of them when Nathan goes out!
What a great missionary he is! How sad that he has a viral infection in his mouth! Hope it DOES get better soon!


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