Monday, August 17, 2009

Missionary Monday

What I sent to him:
Nathan had his interview with the new Stake President last Sunday (two weeks ago now). He said to give him about a week to complete the paperwork. So we are assuming that the papers are in.

Kelly spoke in the YSA ward today. It's K & K's last Sunday in the YSA Ward. Next week they will be at college. aaaa! Kinda excited for them, kinda worried for them. They already know what student ward they will be in and what time it starts. Keri is really on the ball about finding out this stuff and following through on it. She's awesome.

Heather is doing pretty well at PHS. Having a little trouble with the homework, especially in math (precal). The adjustment from innercity school to normal school has been an eye opener for her. She's in 2 clubs: NHS and FEA (Future Educators of America), which kinda surprised me - she still wants to be a Neonatal Nurse. There is another club starting up soon for students interested in Health related careers, she's going to check into it. She's not going to play any sports this year. Went to the Ponderosa Ward today. Quite a few people in the ward know Heather already, so that's good for Heather. Heather and I met with the Bishop. No callings, he just wanted to get to know us. They should have our (mine and Heather's) records by next Sunday. Your and Nathan's records will stay in the Rose Lane Ward. Keri's and Kelly's records will go to their student ward.

Grandma and Grandpa are newly called as Family History Consultants in the ward. They just got back from a trip to Utah. Grandma's aunt died, the one they like to stay with in Park City.

Jill and Terry have set a date for their wedding - Oct 10th.

Jeanette is pregnant - due Mar 9th.

What he sent back:
Sweet! (re: Nathan) Wow, thats a lot of news!

Things are starting to get better here. The things that i've been working on, namely getting the members invovled, are slowly starting to work. Still needs some work but its getting there slowly. Slow work is so frstrating Mom. Its really hard to turn in bad numbers every week. The thing is that its what needs to happen here. The same as like back home. I can go door to door trying to find the one house per week that will open their doors in the white area or work in the township and get a lot more. But the ward isnt ready to give so much assistance to people from the township. The church building is in the city so any members or investigators from the outside have to travel, and most of the blacks dont have transport. So we need more people with transportation, so that we can build the ward without adding to the strain on its resources, which are already spread pretty thin. So we are laying the foundation that no other missionary has taken the time to lay. I know its the right thing but it frutrates me to have such little success.

On the plus side i am having a member make a sweet blanket for me that i will send home at some point. (By the way can you resend me Grandma & Grandpa's address, i have it but id like to make sure its the right one.) Its going to have the South African flag in the center surrounded by South African wildlife. I think its going to be really cool, i hope im right.

I love you Mom
Elder Mendenhall

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