Monday, August 31, 2009

Missionary Monday

SWEET! Prez. Mann called me saturday morning to tell me. South Africa and Australia are bitter rivals in almost every sport. So this will be pretty crazy!
I am still in Amanzimtoti for 6 more weeks, with the same companion, Elder Schmitz. I dont remember if i told you much about him but probably not. Schmitz is from Montana. He has been out just over 6 months now. We get along really really well. But we have a little too much fun sometimes but are trying to work that out so that we still do all the work we are supposed to do. But i really enjoy not having to endure this companionship like some of the others. We see eye to eye on almost everything so it makes things much easier. Thanks for your email last week. I really needed to hear something like that to re-energize myself. I was just feeling a little down but all is better now.
Hey mom one of the members here was thinking about au pairing in America, apparently its getting to be a popular destination, and since Laurie just did that i was hoping you could find out/remember how she managed to au pair with an LDS family?
Also i have several people who need Family History help so if your interested in helping i can get those email addresses for you. Mostly they dont know how to use the church's website for family history. And i know nothing about it exceot that it exists.
I LOVE YOU MOM! and i miss you a lot.
Elder Andrew Mendenhall (Elder Mendenhall will only work for a few more months)

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