Monday, September 7, 2009

Missionary Monday

A braii is indeed a bbq, we actually had one on Saturday. In South Africa people love to braii Boer Wors (pronounce bore vores) which is basically a long sausage very much like a bratwurst. I didnt like them at first but now i love them.
We do get a lot of Dinner appointments here in Amanzimtoti, and my favorite thing is definitely jeqe and beans. Jeqe (remember that a q is a click sound made by putting your tongue to the roof of the mouth and clucking, i still dont say jeqe right) is bread that you steam rather than bake, the beans make it the next best thing to a burrito or cowboy beans ... i also love boer wors.
I only serve one ward, it has about 50-80+ most sundays ... but the area is about 30 miles up and down the coast.
It is no longer cold at all. In fact it feels just like home during the monsoon season, 90+degress with lots of humidity.

I love you Mom.
Elder Mendenhall

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