Monday, September 14, 2009

Missionary Monday

We should have some kind of message board or something so that we can all read each others emails or something. Can you do that on the blog page? I've never been there.

This week was going to be a great week. We were conned into promising to have a perfect week by President Mann. We were at a zone conference last friday (week and a half ago) and President was talking about it with all the missionaries, then asked me and my companion in front of everyone if we would do it. Of course we promised to, but then on day one i sprained my wrist, that was right after emailing you last week. Today is the first day without the brace i bought that night and its doing well. Still kinda weak but at least i can use two hands again. But not being two handed really stunted the amount of work we could do. We still tried though.

Otherwise nothing much new this week. About two months ago i started putting together an activity for the ward im working in. Here they dont have activities like we do back home so i organized a family day, it will be on the 24 of September. Only now im scrambling to get it all put together. I've organized the Relief Society to have Enrichment that day and the YM and Elders will play sports. But otherwise im still floundering on what the Primary and High Priests will do, the YW want to do some kind of play. I started this so that the members have something other than sacrament meeting to invite friends to. SO i really hope this works.

How is work going?
I love you Mom.
Elder Mendenhall

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Jennifer said...

So was your week pretty close to perfect? How is your wrist? Good luck with your Ward Activity!


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