Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elder Ssesanga

Sis. Gamez, in my old ward, "adopted" an African missionary. Which basically means she writes him letters and sends him packages, because the African missionaries don't often have anyone to do that for them. His letters are SO much fun to read. He's serving in the same mission as my son, Elder Mendenhall. Read Elder Ssesanga's letters and letters from Sis. Gamez's son (who is serving in New Jersey) here.

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teritoo4u said...

he apparently met Andrew during General Conference?!?!? not sure of the details, he said Andrew is far from where he is.. I'm glad Sister Mann requested this. It's exciting hearing from two missionaries on Mondays, they talk about very different things. His bday is next month, so I'm really psyched about sending him his first Phx Suns shirt !!!


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