Monday, October 19, 2009

from Elder A. Mendenhall

I actuall havent taken a new picture with my new companion yet ... i'll have to do that this week and get back to you next week. He is from Zimbabwe and has been out 6 weeks! He speaks english very well and like almost every African knows about 6 languages. We stay in a flat in a pretty nice area. Its small but then again i've been pretty spoiled in the rest of my boardings so i shuldn't complain too much.

They are stil called President ... at least i think ...

This week was actually really good. We have this investigator who is teaching and committing himself. He found out his Dad was a member and started asking questions. He visited church once near Johannesburg with his Dad and decided he wanted to be a part of it. So He saw the missionaries there once before coming home and saw the missionaries here once before i got here. So on his third visit with missionaries he had already read and prayed about the first three lessons: The Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Plus he had made it up to halfway through 2 Nephi and even looked through the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith a little bit. When we saw him the second time he had read the Word of Wisdom pamphlet and, having questions about why we dont drink tea or coffee, called his father for clarification. He then committed himself to change and is already drinking an herbal tea instead. He is so far ahead and knows so much that we cant really teach him so instead we gave him Preach My Gospel and told him to study from there which he has already started to do. This guy is so sweet! His baptismal date is December 13!

We are currently teaching 27 people who are progressing and 9 people have baptismal dates. Im having so much fun here! Its nice after all the hard work for no reward in my last area. Im going to start writing a seminar on how members can do member missionary work, particularly on how to be a fellowshipper. I only have like 3 weeks to do it so i need to start tomorrow. Actually i've been brainstorming fo a few days but i need to start the research stuff tomorrow.

I love you Mom
Elder MEndenhall

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