Monday, November 2, 2009

Heather & the Annoying Kid in Seminary

Ok so there's this boy in seminary named (*Mom removed the name*) who just won't shut up. He comes in and starts talking and yet it seems like five people are talking because he's so loud. And then of course since he's talking and making fun of people other boys start talking and teasing/making fun of people. They even talk straight through the lesson which I find very annoying and aggravating. It got to the point that our teacher had to assign seating. It's ridiculous when you have to have assigned seating in seminary because you would think that these kids would know how to behave. The first couple of days the seating order worked but then they started talking across the room to each other. So seats were changed again and again it didn't last very long.

So this morning I went into seminary and sat down. And then I noticed that *'s name had been moved by mine. I inwardly sighed. It was going to be a long day. Needless to say I did not have a very spiritual morning. He kept talking to me and being rude. When his phone would go off he would say "Turn your phone off Heather" and his phone went off several times. And before seminary started he banged on my scriptures which I thought was very offensive and disrespectful. He grabbed my arm and picked it up so I yanked it away and said "Don't touch me." Throughout all of seminary he would do annoying things like this. My friend Maddie sits next to me and she said somethings to him that probably didn't help the situation. But I never once told him to shut up or said something rude. I politely told him not to touch me and to stop when he was pestering someone else. I was just surprised that I could ignore him for the most part. I wonder if what Mom says really does work"They do it to get a rise out of you. If you ignore them they will stop doing it." because he was still loud but yet he was quieter than he usually is. So I wonder if my teacher put him by me for a reason because I'm the only one by him and I just ignore him.


Jennifer said...

Good for you for being patient and tolerant. I hope you won't be offended because I took the boys name out. Mom

keriface said...

See...we were training you for this moment...haha jk

Jalaire said...

Don't you hate it when Mom is right? LOL Good job, Heather. I am really proud of you.


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