Monday, November 23, 2009

Missionary News

Happy Birthday Mom!
Im sorry i couldnt say it last week. When i got on i only had like 13 minutes left and no money to top off my account so in my rush i forgot.

My week was pretty sweet! I have a new companion ... actually im training! Elder Mbaiwa is from Botswana ... he is 23 and has already graduated as an accountant. We have had a pretty good week. I was ready for a change and i got it! I like Elder Mbaiwa a lot.

I am in a ward. We have plenty of people to teach ... i finally was sent to an area where i can just teach teach teach. We have 10 people who have accepted the challenge to be baptized and another 10-20 who we are teaching! I love this area!

I did talk to President Mann about extensions. They dont really happen anymore and i already kinda decided i dont want to. I feel like i should do my time (sounds like im in prison ;) ) and go home when i should. There is work to be done at home so im actually a bit more excited to spread member missionary work at home than to continue trying to train people to do it here. Plus i miss you guys.

I still havent sent your stuff for christmas yet. I have a really sweet idea but it wont be ready for awhile. So im going to send something small to hopefully get there in time while i save up for the real thing. But it might be like March before that is finished. But it will be worht the wait ... believe me

I love you Mom.
Elder Mendenhall

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