Monday, February 8, 2010

Missionary News

Jennifer here: First - (insert trumpet sounds or halleujah chorus here) It's official!!!!  Nathan WILL speak on Feb 21st (email me if you want details) AND report to the MTC on Feb. 24th as planned.  He will be classified as a "visa waiter."  Which means he will likely be temporarily assigned to a stateside mission before going to Australia.  But it's good to know he is on his way.  (We are still waiting for his fingerprints to come back from the FBI)

Now for Andrew's letter:
I have misplaced the uplink cable for my camera. i'm not sure where it is so thats why you haven't seen any photos recently. I do have plenty of photos to share but since i cant share them yet thats a problem. My week was ok ... it was deathly hot the last few days so that didnt help. We are also having problems with one of the missionaries who is [...] being a tyrant and you know i cant stand that. But my birthday was AWESOME! I used the money you sent to buy a cake and ice cream and such to have a sweet party! The leftover from your money and Grandma and Grandpa's addition will buy some kind of gift ... im not sure what yet but i have a few ideas. My new companion is so sweet. I dont know if i told you last time but we call him "Muthi" instead of Mutariswa, which everyone was having a hard time remembering, muthi is traditional medicine bordering on voodoo like stuff so its a laugh to call him that and he thinks so too. He likes to have fun, loves sports, and wants to work so we are having a very good time together. And he is one of the few African companions i've had that has some respect for women so i'm very happy about that ... i almost killed [...] for some of the things he did before i set him straight. Also, Elder Mutariswa's father is a stake president back home and, get this, his family had Elder Holland a their home for DINNER!!! So cool.
I love you Mom!
Elder Mendenhall

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