Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

First I need to tell you that I'm only allowed to e-mail you and dad so if you could pass everything on that would be great. I'm so jealous of Heather right now. I loved the trek wish I could go again. Tell Matthew I hope he gets better soon, he's got to help take care of his little brother. I found out about my visa a few hours after e-mailing you which was a big relief. My p-days will usually be on Monday but when we have transfers it will be on Tuesday and when I'm close to the temple once a transfer it will be on Wednesday when we go. In the MTC I was actually in a threesome because the Elder that was supposed to be my companion never showed up. Elder Newey is from Sacramento and Elder Lester is from San Deigo. We were the only Elders in our district but there were four sisters. Sister Liang (Draper, Utah), Sister Graff (St. George, Utah), Sister Ballard (Middleton?, Utah), and Sister Wingate (Las Vegas). Sister Wingate is headed for Micronesia, Guam and the rest of us to Brisbane. Right now I'm in Brisbane. Our flat is about three quarters of a mile from the Temple. My trainer, Elder Clark, is a New Zealander and will go home at the end of the transfer. Everything is going good so far. Love ya lots.

Forgot to tell you that you just send the stuff to the Mission Home. It will get to me eventually. Love ya.

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