Sunday, April 25, 2010

Missionary News - Andrew

I did get Nathan's photos ... whatever kind of fruit that is it is huge ... evidently that was the idea we were supposed to get hey? His companion is HUGE!

I dont need anything ... i will have to send the blanket i had made home very soon so i might have to draw from home account for that. Otherwise nothing else. Maybe Garcia's on the Twins birthday when i get off the Plane ... or at least Taco Bell.

The phone number will be ... You can call either sunday or monday for me before 9am (on sunday because of church, monday you can call up to 10 or so) or anytime after 9pm. I cant remember the time difference right now but im sure its online, i think maybe 8 hours difference?
I finally got to see conference this weekend. Wow there were some powerful talks. I especially liked the one from the Seventy from Idaho about the cows. I thought that was really powerful.
I love you Mom

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