Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

Man I can't believe that they don't have hotdogs here. What's up with that? Had a great double baptism and confirmation over the weekend. This last week was really long because we were finding almost the whole time. But it was pretty fun. We were going to go to a museum on Wednesday but instead the Zone tried to teach me how to play rugby. After about an hour when I finally started to get the hang of it, they were tired so we went to the chapel and played a lot of basketball. Love ya lots.

Figured that I'd try and send some pictures.

[Nathan didn't include any caption!  I have no idea what he is holding - a fruit?  Or who the people in the baptism picture are.  Hopefully he will answer my questions in the next email.]

[added later: "I'm holding an unripe grapefruit. It's pretty monstrous, huh. The ones being baptized are Moriti and Ledua Tilagucaguca."  Nathan's companion is Elder Clark from New Zealand.]

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