Monday, May 17, 2010

Missionary News - Andrew

Only Amanzimtoti had a Father and Sons outing. At least thats the only ward i've seen go on one.

Its been a bit of a crazy week. I found out in the middle of the week that ... commited suicide. We used to visit him quite a bit and always discussed his struggles but it was still a very difficult suprise. He left behind two sons for his mother to take care of, which is even harder to get over.

With the World Cup coming our new operating orders have changed. The Church Security offices wanted us locked down in our boardings during games since that is what they think is best from past experience. All 3 South African mission presidents revolted at this idea so the Area President said they could do as they felt best but if anything happened to any missionary then the country would go on lockdown. So we've been encouraged to do things differently. One of the suggestions, the one i feel will really work in Stanger, is to have cottage meetings during the games whereby you go to a member or investigator's home and watch the game with their friends but make a lesson during halftime or after the game to start teaching that person's friends. So i'm really excited to do this ... but we'll see if my companion and ward mission leader agree.

I checked out how much to send the blanket home today. It will be R680 to send it via airmail and R230 via surface mail. I've talked to several missionaries this week and apparently there are a very good percentage of packages sent via surface that never make it. I'm planning to add a few shirts, etc, to the package and sent it next week. So let me know if its ok to send it airmail or if you prefer me to use the surface mail. I would rather send it airmail since it is safer but its your money so i will follow your advice.

I love you Mom

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