Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family News

David was baptised yesterday. Keri and I were the only ones who could go from the Mendenhall family. But, we went and it was great. The bishopric member who was conducting had a son who was playing the piano. Keri thought he was cute. Gordon's mom, Toni, said he leaves for his mission very soon. I gave one of the talks. I think it went pretty well. I borrowed Jill's flat rubber baseball bases and laid them out in a straight line with home plate at one end. Then I asked David if he could jump all the way from one side to the other without touching the ground. I made them far enough apart so it would be impossible, of course. I let any of the other children try who wanted to. Then, I talked about how Heavenly Father sent us to earth to get a body and He wants us to return "home." But, we didn't have to do it all at once, we could do it in steps. We have to complete 4 saving ordinances to get there and like in baseball we aren't allowed to skip any of them. That day he had completed baptism and confirmation (he hit a double) and he got to hop from the beginning to first base then second base, but he still had two more to go. Next, he would need to go to the temple to get his endowments. We talked about how his cousins, Andrew and Nathan, had done that right before going on their missions. And that was probably when David would go. I told him what (I think it was) Andrew had written to Heather about how family scriptures and Seminary were two of the things that best prepared him for his mission. So while he was standing on second base I gave him a "future missionry" name tag and a tie that looked exactly like Nathan's favorite tie and my favorite Seminary scripture. And he hopped from second base to third. I told him the last base would come much later when he got married in the temple. It turned out pretty good, I think.

Kelly is home from Colorado!

Heather is at girls' camp. This is her last year. There theme is VIP - Very Important Princess, so I guess there will be lots of princess type stuff. Sister Axe is teaching a journal class and talking about writing your own story and Happily Ever After. Sounds like a pretty good theme.

Happy 4th of July!

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teri said...

this was a great post, i especially liked the talk idea !! You totally "scored" HAAHAH


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