Monday, July 5, 2010

Missionary News - Andrew

Thats a really sweet idea mom. I've been having lots of those on mission but not too many of them have been able to be done. Like using Helaman 5:12 to get people to read their scriptures and pray everyday. We have to have a foundation. Those things provide our foundation. So my idea was to get some cement and get the students to try to make a foundation with only the cement dust or just the water, symbolic of using only prayer, or reading scriptures, not both together. Obviously its impossible but thats the point of the object lesson. Man i hope i remember that one.

it was actually a tough week this week. We met our new mission president on Friday. He seems like a really good guy but it really sucks to have served 23 months with the same president and then get a new one only to send you home. This means my last interview will be with somebody who doesnt know me and probably wont spend too much energy trying to. I certainly wouldnt when there are 120 other missionaries and 65 some areas to learn. Why work in 13 missionaries who go home in 4 weeks?

Anyways, im just hanging in there. We have a few people we are preparing for baptism so that keeps me going some.

Can you ask Nathan if he is teaching discussions or Lessons from PMG? He said "discussion" in his email but i know the 3rd discussion isnt on the Gopel of Jesus Christ. Im asking because President Von Stetten said that when the Quorum of the 12 trained him they implemented a newer, more streamlined version of PMG. Curious stuff. Too bad ill not get the chance to use it.

Man i think this is the longest email ive ever written!

I love you Mom!

Elder (Andrew) Mendenhall

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