Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

Today Andrew spoke in the Payson - Pondersoa Ward. He did a really good job. Two of the ladies in the ward want to introduce Andrew to their daughter or granddaughter. Lol.

We had icecream cake for Heather's birthday yesterday because we won't all be together next week.

The girls are really enjoying their college classes. Kelly signed up for a fencing class. She's loving it! But, she missed part of the lecture on the first day because she kept thinking about Princess Bride. haha

Have you tried to resend those pictures? I'm sending you some. Hope it doesn't bog down your email. If it does let me know. Maybe I could send them to your gmail instead.

Upstairs, Grandma is cleaning the kitchen.  I'm pretending to help.  I just wanted to be in the picture.  haha

Patricia, Heather and Jo just chillin.

We thought we had cut the icecream cake in EXACTLY the number of pieces as there were people.  But, somehow we miscounted.  It's hard to count 16 people when they keep moving.  So, the extra piece went in the freezer and was eaten by the Birthday girl today.  Although several people threatened to snag it.

Downstairs - Is it homework or Facebook?  It's anybody's guess.

And the typical boys activity (when they aren't wrestling).  LOVE the faces I sometimes catch with the camera.

Now for the Missionary News....

So how did Andrew get roped into speaking in Grandma and Grandpa's ward? I'm so jealous of Kelly. Fencing, man that is just sweet! I didn't even know that they had that sort of class.

Everything is still going good here. In fact it looks as if the area that I'm in is about to take off. All of that hard work is about to pay off.

It should be fun being on the lake after two years of not being able to go near the water. You should probably keep an eye on him, he might've forgotten how to swim. I just can't believe how old everyone is getting. It makes me feel old thinking about it. Sorry it took so long to send the pictures but I kept forgeting to bring my camera and up load them. I really like the one of the red panda it turned its head to look right at the camera at just the right moment. And yes it's okay to kiss a kangaroo, at least there isn't anything against it in the hand book. This was a crazy week. Running all over the place between my area and Nambour because our companions had a leadership meeting for a few days down nin Brisbane.

Love ya lots,

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