Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Traditions

I have always loved going to Granny's house.  Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and lots of summers.  Playing in the pasture (amidst pasture things!).  Swimming in the creek and calling that our bath.  Catching toads 'cause Granny said they were good for her garden.  Flying June bugs on a string and squealing when they came too close.  Cramming as many cousins as you can in the hammock and hoping your not on the bottom of the pile when it tips over.  Somehow, I always was.  Getting creative with the tire swing.  SO many great memories for this city girl.  This Thanksgiving was the first major gathering we've had at Granny's house since she passed away, a year ago July.  Mom and her siblings have kept the house and the land.  While the rest of the country was having their BlackFriday/weekend spending frenzy we were spending time with family, and enjoying every minute!  Here are some of my mother's pictures that I stole from Facebook.

The Annual KickBrawl Game in the pasture.
Special thanks to Uncle Raburn and family for cleaning it up a bit for us.
Keri gets pancaked by Aunt Jill in the Annual Kickbrawl game.
Can you see her grin?  She was safe!
Grandpa pushing Hailey in the infamous tireswing.
Matthew patiently waits for his turn.
What's your favorite Holiday tradition?
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The Story of Life said...

Kick ball is a blast! Especially with a bunch of family. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!! Would have been fun to be there!


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