Monday, January 3, 2011

Inaugural Set-up

So, this is what it looked like at 8am, before the crowd showed up.  I was delivering one last sign.
See those nice straight rows of chairs?  I did the drawing so they would know where to place them.  Aren't I special.  No, we can NOT change the seating chart again.  It's too late, now.  Sheesh.

P.S. If you couldn't get into your Senate parking space - that was NOT me at the gate asking for your Senate ID, hope you weren't late getting to your seat.  And YES you have to have a ticket to get in.  And to the lady who "always does her morning walk through here."  Better luck tomorrow.


And in other (related, haha) news...
This is Gov. Hunt and my Grandpa Boston on 23 NOV 1924.  He was his driver/bodyguard.

The picture is grainy.  Clicking on it WILL make it bigger, but it will still be grainy, unless you want to purchase an official copy from Library and Archives.

I would have posted that one picture of me and Gov. Brewer, NOT, I didn't have my picture taken with Governor Brewer.  I'm not THAT special.

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Keriface said...

I think they need another flag behind the stage. Right now it just looks ridiculous.


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