Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Favorite Fairytale

As most of you know I love happy endings.  So, I love almost ALL fairy tales.  But, Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite.  I love the background paintings, they are so gorgeous!  The architecture of the castles, the furnishings, the costumes, the gorgeous forest scenes.  Even if there was no story I think I would still love this movie for the paintings.  But, the music is beautiful, too.  Music speaks to my soul. 

And someday I'd like to see the Sleeping Beauty Ballet.

Doesn't that look like fun?  Are you tempted?

How about... would you be able to let the fairies take your daughter into hiding?  I don't think I could.  Not knowing would be worse.  And, did you ever notice that the fairies put the fountain to sleep along with all the people in the kingdom, love it.  This movie contains the first swear word I think my young ears had ever heard.  I remember looking right at my Mother to see if she was as shocked as I was.  Do you know what word I mean?  My favorite scene is when Aurora meets Phillip in the forest.  Singing is definitely the way to my heart!  And of course, the singing and dancing and the happily ever after ending.  

Do you love Sleeping Beauty?  What's your favorite fairytale?


Jeanette said...

Just watched it this weekend with Hailey! I love all the fairytales too!

Jalaire said...

Great choice! Sleeping Beauty is my Heather's favorite fairy tale, too.

My mom loves the movie, as well. Her favorite part is where Prince Phillip offers the horse carrots if he helps the prince find whoever is singing. The horse accidentally drops the prince in the river and Phillip tells him, "NO CARROTS!"

My girls loved the movie so much that when they met my friend's brother Phillip they called him "Prince Phillip." They still do!


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