Monday, June 13, 2011

Missionary News - Nathan

Man I didn't even know that you were going to have that worked on. Glad it all worked out okay. Was your heart always, well not always but you know what I mean, racing because of the Wolf Parkinson White or was that something else?
Sounds like the young men would of had a lot of fun on Sunday.
So why I'm emailing on Tuesday is a bit silly. Yesterday they were celebrating the Queen's birthday, when her birthday is actually like April 26. But around then there are already a couple of holidays so they celebrate like a month and a half later so they can have another public holiday.
Things are going pretty well and I hope everything will for you as well. Is Jared working on his mission paperwork?
Love ya lots,


Connie said...

Just reading through your missionary's letters. Sounds like he's doing well. I have a question. Is it you that has WPW? My husband had that and had an ablation to fix it. It worked. Hope you're doing OK.

Jennifer said...

I am discovering more and more people who have WPW! I have Wolfe-Parkinson-White. Andrew and Heather have WPW. I have a nephew that has WPW. My Mom's cousin's husband has WPW. haha.

My racing heart was happening more and more frequently. And although I was usually able to fix it myself by coughing after landing in the ER twice where they had to stop and restart my heart (My daughter says I'm better than Chuck Norris. I died twice and lived to tell about it) I decided it was time to have it fixed. So, on May 31st I had an ablation.


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