Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Misionary News - Nathan

Hey Mom,
Man he should've just not said anything that way there wouldn't have been any speculating going on. [We're getting a new bishop next Sunday and they asked us not to speculate on who it is.]  Ah well I guess it makes it more exciting that way.
We are now allowed to email to siblings now so if the girls want to email I'll respond.
Things are going really well and we are teaching quite a few people that are doing great. Things have started to take off.
Most of the time for pday we end up playing basketball, volleyball, or touch rugby. Which works out great for me cause then it's something extra active to get nice and tired.
Not sure who my favorite family would be there are a few that are really good. Some of my favorites are some of my companion's cousins we are trying to bring them back to church. There is also the Tautu family. They are Samoans, and the oldest son is returning to activity and wants to come out with us as much as possible.
Love ya lots,

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