Sunday, August 21, 2011

Missionary News - Nathan

Looks kinda like the weather we had over the weekend.
The one [baptism] on the Sunday was Noah. He's nine and how we found him was just going through people on the Ward list that we didn't know. We go to see the family and find out that they have been less active for fifteen years or so and the children hadn't been baptized.
With the one [baptism] this Saturday, Ioane, finding him was pretty interesting. We talked to his cousin on the street and when she said that she wasn't interested we asked if there was anyone that she knew that might be. She told us that her cousin might be and gave us his details, then later that night we get a call from some other missionaries with a referral from one of their members and it was the same person.
No I can't say anything in Chinese and probably won't learn because he's supposed to be learning English not me learning Chinese.
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