Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Elder Mendenhall Got Up To In Australia

G'Day Sister Mendenhall,
Elder Mendenhall is not sure how you'll take this, but I asked if you had a sense of humour and he said yes, but not sure if it's 'that' good ... so, anyway, I can't resist sending photos without explanation, just captioned "What Elder Mendenhall Got Up To In Australia" :)
I call him Elder Fix-the-corridor because I have short term memory loss and am hopeless at remembering names. I do word association. Funnily enough, such a long name as fix-the-corridor, helps me remember Mendenhall. Just as Elder Billabong, helps me remember Elder Pond.
Well, I am sure he will give the explanation when he next emails you, but I did warn him I am sending these photos without explanation. heh heh heh.
By the way, he is a nice person, surprisingly knowledgeable about the scriptures (and NOT just the Book of Mormon) and we love having him in our Branch. Elder Pond is a nice kid too, so we are very blessed to have two nice missionary Elders at the same time.
I'll look for you on facebook ...


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