Sunday, January 15, 2012

Missionary News - Nathan

Yes I did get the debit card. It came on Tuesday. I didn't realize that you'd sent it to the office so that is why it took so long. They usually don't send mail up to us until they enough to fill a small box. I did get a new companion, but I stayed in Gladstone so I'll be dying [I know this is just a missionary term, but as a mother I don't like it] here. His name is Elder Lao from Sacramento, California. He's only been out for four and a half months so he's still pretty fresh. We had an awesome baptism this weekend and will be having one next weekend as well.
Heather had the whole house cleaned and dinner ready, that's impressive. Usually I had to drag them along to get that done for when the missionaries came over.
And archery is definatly an awesome new one. [Stake Youth Olympics event]
Love ya lots,

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