Saturday, February 11, 2012

Arizona Centennial

They blocked off several blocks downtown.  Right outside the building where I work was a military village.  Here they are talking about the Buffalo Soldiers.

and some in old uniforms

there were some really cool tanks

byplanes flying over (there were bombers too but I didn't get pictures of everything)

an old west town

where you could pan for gold and see gun fights

an Indian village

the Indian village was my favorite I went back a couple times

Salt River Pima Indian dancers

Hopi dancers

a Mexican village

and lots of old cars

AND!!! they opened the old City Cemetery.  So I went in and found my Great-great Grandmothers headstone.  Looks like it was placed recently though.  Elizabeth Anne Shelton Gordon was buried next to her grandson Clarence Boston who died age 17 months after drowning in a washtub.  Clarence was my grandfather's brother.  There is no stone for Clarence.

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