Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Missionary News - Kelly

I used my debit card yesterday and I want to know if it went through... the lady wasn't really paying attention when I used it and I can't read portuguese very well so I have no idea if it declined or accepted.  Could you check my account.  I only used like 8 Reai's  which is about 4 american dollars, so you might not be able to tell.  I'll check right before we go out again next p-day so if you could check and fix any problems before next tuesday afternoon I will know if I should buy anything.
DO NOT SEND ANY PACKAGES HERE!!! you should be getting a letter from me any day now with all the information. Basically if you send it here and I don't recieve it before I leave then they have to send it back to you, and you wasted all the postage. They are unable to forward packages, so it will be SOOOOOO much better just to send it to the Belem mission home and I'll get it when I arrive. I'll look for my belem address.... even though I'm pretty sure I wrote it down 2x for you already lol. The MTC mailing address is in the letter I sent you.


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