Monday, February 25, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Well my new companion finally arrived. I stayed with a member for more than 24 hours waiting because all the transfers to and from Macapá were by boat.... in a hammock. /is that cool or what? Her name is Sister P... and she arrived in the CTM the same week I arrived in the MTC. It´s been a little rough working together at times. I like to plan and go, and she keeps taking the scenic route lol. She is so much more excited than Sister C... I´m not sure if it´s just their personalities, or the length of time on the mission. We have really great experiences with out investigators and are finding really great people to teach. She is from São Paulo also, but she was born in a different place and she returned there a little before the mission so her accent is different from the instructors at the CTM and Sister C..., which makes it a little hard to understand sometimes. She corrects my Portuguese more than Sister C... did and I sometimes have trouble accepting the correction. She wants to learn English, but I´m finding it really hard to explain HOW to use a word. Defining it is easier.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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