Monday, May 13, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Even though this is our third missionary this is the first time we've done "the phone call" as video.  We used skype 5.0.  We were able to SEE Kelly as well as hear her.  Mom and Dad joined us from Payson.  We could see Mom but she could only hear us.  Kelly was at a members home (in Brazil, of course).  We got to meet her companion as well.  And a little boy in the background.  hahaha.  Andrew and Denise joined us from Provo, Utah.  Keri, Heather and I with Jeanette and her kids were in Glendale.  So, it was a really novel experience for us.
As always the pictures aren't that good but just wanted to share what I had.  Kelly must be really getting a hang of the Brazillian language because she had trouble remembering the English words sometimes. :)
Here is Andrew and Denise sharing their exciting news.  The are engaged! And will be getting married in October in the Reno, Nevada temple. 

Nathan and Troy were unable to join us because they were on the road at the time.  But they were able to call her a couple hours later and talk to her for a few minutes.  For the Christmas call we are going to try the Google version of group chat.  Has anyone else tried group chatting with skype or google?  Which do you like better and why?

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