Monday, June 17, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

I wasn't transferred  but I do have a new companion.  She's the first 19 year old I've seen so far.  She´s fresh out of the CTM, and she doesn't always listen to me, but she's a stickler for the mission rules, so at least we don't have that problem.  My trainer always told me wow you are so great, you know everything already.  I thought she was just being nice and supportive, but with two greenies in one house I can see that not everyone arrives in the field with all the knowledge, or the bravery to talk to people.  I guess that's why trainers have to be prepared.  One of the greenies in the house is still unsure exactly how to teach the lessons and give commitments, and the other is super stressed all the time and cries when it gets rough.  But eventually they all learn to teach and deal and shortly thereafter it's time to go home.  Missions are super fast.
Lots of love
Sister Mendenhall

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