Monday, October 14, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

  • Another moving day‏

    I will be transferred again this week but I still don´t know where or who will be my companion.  My current companion will stay here but we don´t know yet with who.  I told her it´s because she´s going to train and she told me Cala boca.  Which is the equivalent to Shut Your Mouth. KKKKK I love this woman she is so great. 

    We had a miracle baptism this week for a young boy who turned 8 this week.  His parents aren't members and he goes to church with his Grandma.  Apparently he´s been waiting for his baptism for 5 years.  Just like all good Mormon kids wait for their 8th birthday. haha
    Lots of Love
    Sister Mendenhall

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