Monday, November 25, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Just another day in Paradise!
We had one of our investigators call us on Thursday saying if she wanted to be baptized on Saturday would it be 7:00? And so we spent 3 days running around trying to set up her baptism for the last minute. And since the Lord is kind it all worked out great. Her mom who isn´t a member came to the baptism but said that she already had something planned on Sunday so she couldn´t come and see her confirmed. But then surprised us when she came!!
We are still waiting to hear the transfer. and since this will decide where we will be for christmas everyone is a little peaked it´s so late. But the mission president went to a conference in São Paulo.... so we just have to wait.

(Since my new calling is early morning Seminary Teacher I asked the kids what their favorite Seminary games were.  I figure this is pay-back because my kids weren't always nice to their Seminary teachers)
I think I liked the basketball one the best where one team shoots and the other trys to find the scripture...cause it doesn´t matter if your bad you just go mess around trying to get it in...and the ones who don´t know where the scripture is....well somebody knows and then they share with the goes pretty well...just try to get the good finders and the good shooters on opposite teams so the bad shooters have more time and the good ones have to rush lol

(I asked Kelly how many missionaries were on the conference call to Sis. Scisci for her birthday)
Well, I don´t know how many there were but I think they tried to get all of them... which is more than 150 missionaries. OR they did some zones first and then called her again with others and kept going til it was done. But I just know that every companionship has a phone and we were NOT together in our zone so they had to get a lot of phones linked up.

(I keep asking Kelly what she wants for Christmas)
Since it´s almost Christmas I want you to send me our recipies!!!
Banana Bread, Sugar Cookies, and that one with the bread rolls in a bundt pan that Jayme always made.

Also, once I read a little story about a little christmas light that almost went out cause it thought nobody even noticed it for all the millions of other lights on the tree... Could you try and find it for me?
Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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