Saturday, September 27, 2008

Golf Tournament

Kelly and I spent all day at the golf course yesterday, okay 6 hours, but still. Forgot my camera so no pictures :( And I missed part of the first hole. I called in sick so I could go, so we'll call the sickness 'of the mind.' Considering that about two months ago Kelly had never even held a club in her hands (accept for miniature golf) and no one else in the family has ever played, she is doing remarkably well. She usually gets just under twice what par is, and yesterday she got two bogeys. That's one over par for you dummies like me who know absolutely nothing about golf. In fact the first time I went Kelly had to shush me several times. Okay apparently cheering at football, baseball, softball, volleyball (did I miss anything?) is not good preparation for 'Mom at the golf game.' Do you call it a game? a meet? a match? no clue. Anyway you have to be Quiet. After being shushed about the third time I had to stand back about 20-30 yards so she couldn't even hear me mumble under my breath "that's my girl." Well yesterday she was on her second shot at some hole and she still had a long way to go but the ball only rolled a few yards. So I was VERY good I just dropped my jaw and spread my hands wide - AS IF to say, "what the heck was that?" And she turned to me and said (in a loud voice, but not yelling) "you don't play golf." I wanted to say back, "I can't even keep score." But I said (to myself) you can tell her later. Because this guy at work printed a score card and map for me and I was dutifully keeping track of the score. I uh, didn't really examine the card first :) I was trying to line up the score with the picture of the hole above it and somehow I got off by a row. So I drew a squiggly line through one of the holes and started on the next row. Good thing I'm not the official score keeper, huh? Then I realized that the hole is clearly marked AT THE BOTTOM! and I had been doing it right before, but now I was off! sheesh! what a maroon! Anyway, I managed to stay in the shade, mostly and drink lots of water so I didn't get my normal dehydration headache, I did get a little sunburnt. Come on this is Arizona after all - even if it is the end of September. Kelly did great, par for the whole 18 holes was 72 (or was it 73, I know it was written on that stupid card) and she got a 128. Not even close to being enough to win, but hey all things considered (experience, genetics) I think she's awesome.

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