Monday, January 26, 2009

Youth Olympics 2009 is over!

I estimate that there were about 200 kids participating. Ages 14-18. This was the last year for the twins. They went out with a bang. Both finishing in the top 10 girls. Heather just missed by a few points. So we look forward to seeing great things from her again next year.


The Story of Life said...

That is quite the youth activity. It looks like the stake went all out. I just love things like that. It makes so many wonderful memories. Your girls are so old and very beautiful!!!!!!!

zealandrocks said...

I'm so proud of the girls!!!! they did so well!!! was kelly weaing an apollo shirt in one of those pictures?!?! best school if i do say so myself! =] They did rose lane proud!! i knew our ward would rock that stake!! =]

TheNobles said...

AWeSOME JOB MENDENHALL GIRLS. You ladies rocked. I watched a couple events and what I was most impressed with is your eagerness to go and have fun, display of great sportmenship (sports WOMAN ship) and overall just out to have a great time.

It was so fun watching you ladies and the rest of the youth.


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