Monday, January 26, 2009

Missionary Monday

AWESOME!!! Tell the girls im very proud of them!
I did know about the Cardinals ... it stinks ... they'll probably win the next two in a row only i'll be here and miss all of it ... and then when i come home they'll be back to normal ... AND the Cowboys didnt even make it! Cursed football!
This week wasnt a very good week for us. Elder Crowther has been very sick, we're not sure why. But it comes and goes so every once in a while we dont get anything done because he is miserable. We are a really good team, Elder Crowther and i, we work well together and have many of the same theories as far as how to approach things. Ill find out tomorrow if i actually get a 3 month companion or if i continue getting a new one every 6 weeks.
Oh we also had a mission tour with Elder Watson! He was just made a 70 not too long ago and is now in the Southeast Africa Area Presidency! He was the secretary to the Twelve and the Prophet for 38 years! He started with Joseph Fielding Smith and worked for everyone since including President Monson! He left us a list of scriptures to study and as soon as i figure them out ill send them to you!
I love you Mom
Elder Mendenhall

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