Monday, February 2, 2009

Missionary Monday

Thanks for the Super Bowl update! I did get to see some of it this morning on a replay.

Transfer news:I have ANOTHER new companion. Elder Feliciano is from Mozambique and he has as many months left as i have served, 6. We are still in Mpumalanga except that we took over and "whitewashed" a different area. Things are going good so far.

As far as people im teaching i really dont have anyone to talk about because im in a totally new area with nobody to teach. So we are spending our time looking up all the people that have been taught and trying to find people to teach.

However when i was with Elder Crowther we were teaching an awesome family. The father is some kind of construction foreman. He and his wife have only been married a few years. They had two miscarriages before their three year old daughter and the mom is pregnant again. They haven't attended church yet but they are listening very attently to what we have to say. The father is a stubborn man but he is honestly searching for truth so we are bringing him and his family along slowly at their own pace. They'll join sooner or later.

I DID get my birthday present and opened it already because it said "tortillas" on it! IM SO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to make the cake and potato soup for my birthday!

I love you Mom! Pass my love to all the family
Elder Mendenhall

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