Monday, March 23, 2009

Keri's Personal Progress Project

Keri did a modest fashion show for her 10 (billion) hour project on integrity. She worked her tail off. Got over 80 dresses donated, and 18 YW to model. Made countless phone calls. Drove all over town to collect dresses, pictures and stories. Counseled with numerous leaders for support. Even got Sis. Larson to give up two Saturday mornings to teach a little runway walking. Love you Sis. Larson! Got her brother, Nathan to be our security/priesthood. He gave up 3 Saturday mornings! Got a couple of her high school teachers to attend. And learned a valuable lesson about last minute changes! Keri you did a MARVELOUS job. You're a natural born leader! I love you, Keri!

Lots more pictures on Facebook!

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