Thursday, May 14, 2009

From the Journal Jar

1. What was your most embarrassing moment?
Hello! Why would I share that with you?! Do-over.

2. Tell the words of a song from your childhood. What memories does it bring?
Oh! Actually, I did that one already. Go here. Draw again.

3. Did you serve in the military? If so, where and when?
Nope, no military service. How many should I draw before I stop?

4. Tell about any ancestors you know about. Dates, names and any stories about them, etc...
Jackpot! I can TOTALLY do this one. I LOVE family history. Now, comes the hard part. Who to choose….. who, who, who… whom? who? Don’t get sidetracked. I might have to save this one as a draft and think about it for a few days. Maybe, William Gordon? my non-Mormon pioneer ancestor. HE was quite the character, shot a deputy and covered it up. G.W. Boston? Committed suicide. Mary Field? Not actually my ancestor, but IS for the kids - Mormon pioneeress with bright red hair and an Indian guy who followed her all the way across the plains because he wanted to marry her. Pocahontas? Not a proven line, but really cool. Prince John? I could put a whole new twist on the whole King Richard – Prince John story. You know, King Richard didn’t even WANT England! Then there was that other guy… what was his name… he cut off his hand to gain possession of an island. The boys LOVE that story. I CAN’T DECIDE! Leave a comment, what story do you want to hear

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Jeanette said...

All of them! Just do one story per day!


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